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Don’t Let Cheap Skin Care Products Compromise Your Skin And Health

Let’s face it, everyone likes a bargain. But cheap skin care products should not be confused with inexpensive ones. Think of it this way. We buy things on sale all the time and it’s possible to get good quality at a fraction of the cost we’d otherwise pay. But if you’re buying cheap skin care products, simply because they’re cheap, buyer beware!

Cheap skin care products usually contain, as you might guess, cheap or inferior ingredients. This alone, shouldn’t be a reason not to buy them, but when you consider that some of those ingredients might be harmful to your health, then it’s cause for concern – and in many cases, even, alarm. Here are some of the more common ingredients that are best avoided in any skin care product regardless of price:

Parabens – are a group of chemicals that were introduced in the 1920s. They’re a low cost preservative for cosmetics to increase shelf life. Because they have can enter the skin on contact and be detected in the bloodstream within minutes, they have raised a great deal of concern. Research has shown the ability of parabens to mimic our body’s own hormones which can harm endocrine functions in virtually every system in the body.

Dioxane – Dangers associated with the chemical 1,4-Dioxane were reported as early as 1965, in testing performed with rodents and later confirmed in 1978, by the National Cancer Institute. Carcinogens were found in the nasal passages of rats and in the liver of mice. Recently, California has warned of its link to cancer, yet it hard to understand why the cosmetics industry has not banned its use.

Mineral Oil – While not as harmful as the two previous ingredients, mineral oil is widely used in skin care because it’s cheap and in plentiful supply. Produced from petroleum distillates, it is essentially liquid petroleum. Its appeal is that it provides moisture and softness to the skin. But those benefits come at a cost, since mineral oil also clogs pores and inhibits the skin from breathing properly. As ironic as it may sound, moisturizers that contain mineral oil often leave the skin dryer after its use since the moisture it provides is only temporary. Expect to find it in most cheap skin care products.

Fragrance – What would the cosmetic industry be without the attraction of fragrance! But did you know that this ingredient alone can contain as many as 4000 potential chemicals that go undetected? We already know that fragrance is a big contributor to skin irritation, rash and allergy. But without knowing all of the chemicals that might be masked within fragrance, it’s hard to know just how many other possible health hazards might be caused by its use.

Most cheap skin care products are cheap for a reason. So don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting a great deal because there could be a price to pay. If you’d like to explore some healthy options for your skin, visit my website at